Learn all about... Dermaroller Mask

Learn all about... Dermaroller Mask


The Dermaroller intensive hyaluronic acid mask is a great mask for all skin types but particularly great for dehydrated or dry skin, sensitive skin that needs soothing and repairing and also lines and wrinkles that you really want to smooth.

It features a heavy dose of hyaluronic acid to really gorge the skin with moisture and plump from within. We've got the patented peptide Matrixyl which has been proven to help stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid. It also is proven to help repair the skin. We've also got vitamin E which again is a great ingredient to help repair the skin but it also will help to restore the skin barrier meaning the skin can retain moisture better.

You apply this mask once a week and it leaves the skin looking beautifully hydrated, restored and repaired. You really see a difference to those fine lines and wrinkles. It's the great treatment to use after you've done your home rollering and you get 10 in a box.


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