Learn all about... Dermaroller Home Roller

Learn all about... Dermaroller Home Roller


The Genuine Dermaroller is the most advanced at home roller device on the market. It uses the sharpest needles at 0.2 millimetres. At this depth we're able to stimulate the uppermost layers of the skin and when we roll over the skin we create thousands of these microscopic columns which will stimulate collagen production and also help with skin cell turnover.

This is the perfect tool to use if you're wanting to combat the signs of ageing including lines of wrinkles, help to even out the tone of the skin, help to reduce the size of open pores and also reduce blemishes and marks on the skin and overall rejuvenation. You need to use it two to three times a week and after use you'll notice that your skin will have a beautiful rosy glow as it stimulates the circulation. You'll start to see improvements to the skin in just a week. The skin will look healthier. It will be smoother and more vibrant. And over time you can really help to improve the condition of the skin.

It's really important that after every use we clean the tool. So it comes with the roller cleaning spray to keep your device sanitised.


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